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FPC series multi-size human interface POS/POI solutions from Avalue Technology

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Avalue Technology  have launched a series of rich-content product lines into the market. The new FPC series can be widely applied anywhere. Extending from the industrial level to mass population applications, the FPC series is positioned as an e-service system platform. Through an FPC screen, people are connected to a vivid world.

The premier feature of the FPC series is its modular design, which is cost effective for customers while increasing extensive capability. FPC from Avalue Technology provides a complete line of screen sizes from 15 inches to 22 inches, and a digital signage up to 47 inches with a WXGA TFT display type and a maximum 1680 x 1050 high resolution resistive touch screen. Each design features horizontal and vertical mounting for presenting entertaining as well as informational content. Additionally, the series incorporates Intel Core, Duo/ Core, 2 Duo/Core, Solo and Celeron M900MHz CPUs to meet various performance compatibilities in different levels of applications.

The FPC series is geared for human interface and POS/POI/POM applications, which are focused in consumer application environments. Embedded with a high-performance Mini ITX system operated by Intel 910GMLE/945GM/GME965 chipsets and supporting up to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM, the series offers enhanced graphics, increased I/O bandwidth and improved storage speed and reliability. With one PCI slot, one CF, three COM and six USB ports, the series’ features are expandable.

The iron exterior of the series is designed with attention to elegant curves as well as protection for rugged usage. Besides the VESA mounting standard, the FPC series can be embedded into a wall through the combination of a silver front panel frame and a black rear system body for open frame mounting function. The FPC series can be utilised in shopping malls, bookstores, movie theatres, transportation depots and as multimedia billboards for restaurant kiosks. Furthermore, the FPC series is RoHS compliant, CE and FCC certified, and Windows XP, XP Embedded, WinCE 5, 6 and Linux platforms compatible.

Digital signage is getting attention in the retail industry and corporate environments these days. The FPC series’ high customisation ability can also display easily as digital signage. In particular, the units can be incorporated with content software and huge LCD or plasma display panels up to 47 inches. Using a Mini ITX system’s optimised, integrated graphics solutions with rich I/O connectors and a dual gigabit LAN or WiFi module option enable the units to deliver content-rich information for the digital signage platform.

The following are the features of FPC series:

  • 15, 15W, 17, 17W, 22W TFT LCD Display Touch Panel PC
  • 5-wire Resistive Touch Screen
  • Intel 910GMLE/945GME/GME965 Chipset
  • VGA, DVI, Audio
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Optional WiFi Module
  • 1 PCI, 1 CF, 3 COM, 6USB
  • 3.5”/2.5” SATA HDD Supported
  • Internal 6W Speaker
  • VESA Compliance

FPC series are used in the following applications:

  • HMI
  • Transportation
  • Digital Signage

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