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sun+solar heating, pool solar heating from Autumn Solar Installations

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Autumn Solar Installations  offers product variety such as sun+solar heating, solar controllers, pool solar heating, chlorinators, pool cleaners, pool lights, minder dosing systems, pool blankets and roller, pipe fitting and valves, solar showers, sand and cartridge filter, pool and solar pumps and promotional accessories. The sun+solar system offered by Autumn Solar Installations includes features such as modular system, light weight that makes it easy for installation, 100 percent bird proof, wind and chill resistant, can be installed on any roof surface. The sun+solar system from Autumn Solar Installations is a modular designed barrel union connection system that can be quickly installed and are also ideal for home handyman who wishes to do installation on his own.

The solar controller runs the solar pump for automatic start up of the system. The solar controller monitors the temperature of the pool water and the solar system that inturn enable one to gain the most out of the weather conditions. This will also flush the system every 1/2 hour from 8am - 6pm. The panel stand should be used for optimum pitch at the time of installation. The pool solar heating from Autumn Solar Installations raises the pool's temperature as per clients requirements, transfers heat from roof location to the pool, comes as a fully installed kit, thermostatically controlled, available as an automatic system, includes all fixings, valve and tee pieces, 30-40 year life expectancy.

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