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Job alerts for job seekers by Autopeople

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Autopeople  offers job alerts for job seekers who are looking out for opportunities. Professional organisations have always been better places for networking, researching and finding job leads. These groups are made up of individuals and employers who have parallel interests.

Newsgroups also called as Internet discussion forums and groups, are online communities consisting of people who are involved in particular topics. These people are dedicated to employment where word of mouth is what it is all about.

Several career websites such as Autopeople provide job alerts where appropriate job advertisements are emailed to the members on a weekly or daily basis.

Autopeople also offers its services for advertisers and offers them three types of packages. The packages offered to advertisers by Autopeople include economy package, premium package and premium plus package.

Economy package offered by Autopeople has been designed for companies with less than one hundred and fifty employees. This package allows access of resume of more than one hundred thousand candidates, unlimited job posting and branded job template.

Premium package has been designed for companies with one hundred and fifty to three hundred employees, has unlimited job posting, dedicated service officer, three branded job templates and most suitable candidates are brought by preferred recruiters of Autopeople. Premium package has been designed for companies with more than three hundred employees

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