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Z-Series colour sorters

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article image Capable of processing up to 14 tonnes an hour.

SORTEX Z-Series colour sorters from Autopac Systems detect ergot, dark contaminants, germ discolourations, dark pebbles, and discoloured and unripe kernels.

Quality starts with cleaning

Modern cleaning flow charts are increasingly using new-generation colour sorters. The reason: the potential presence of health-impairing impurities such as ergot in rye.

In durum wheat cleaning, colour sorters remove especially the discoloured kernels. Semolina made from this sorted wheat has a brighter colour and fewer specks. This improves the appearance of pasta made from it. In sorting hulled oats, the dark kernels are separated from the bright ones. The bright kernels are processed into oat flakes for human consumption, and the dark ones into, say, horse feed.

Detection of minute discolourations

The Z-Series colour sorters are capable of processing up to 14 metric tons of durum wheat an hour, depending on the machine size. SORTEX colour sorters are equipped with high-performance cameras to detect minute dots or colour deviations of 0.3 millimeters and smaller.

The high-speed ejection nozzles at the machine outlet open as many as 300 times a second. Product tracking and automatic calibration produce a consistently high sorting accuracy and material throughput.

Successful application in the field

Development of colour sorters started over 50 years ago. Since then, more than 20,000 machines have been shipped. SORTEX colour sorters are in service around the world in numerous grain mills.

Their separating efficiency has been continuously improved and has reached a very high standard today, thanks to the application of new electronics and state-of-the-art cameras.

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