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Yamato H series checkweighers available from Autopac Systems

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Yamato H series checkweighers are of HACCP compliant design that provide improved capability, control, indication and value required in the modern production environment.

The Yamato H series checkweigher range can accurately weigh items ranging from 1gm to up to 50,000gms.

Yamato checkweighers are suited to many food manufacturers for speed and accuracy. Floor or adjoining equipment vibration in the manufacturing environment, which can affect weighing accuracy, is also mitigated with Yamato's advanced digital filter.

For food plants wanting to gain or maintain HACCP approval, are watchful to make sure that any new equipment being installed complies with these regulations.

Yamato checkweighers, available from, Autopac Systems, meet this standard design using tubular stainless steel frames to prevent product and dust build-up. Conveyors and conveyor belts that detach without tools, add to the compliance regulations.

Yamato uses a wizard feature, when setting up a new product to be weighed. The operator is asked a few questions by the checkweigher and answers them using the standard pressure sensitive touch screen on all models.

The checkweigher then intelligently calculates the speed of the conveyors, the correct weighing time and the correct reject timing, and automatically adjusts them for optimum performance.

The new product program can then be recalled at any time, and the checkweigher will automatically make all the pre-programmed adjustments in seconds. 100 different programs can be stored in this manner.

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