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X-ray inspection system

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article image Includes a computer controlled 'low energy/high contrast' generator.

USING the latest technology in X-ray inspection, Autopac Systems Pty Ltd has developed and are manufacturing the Autopac X-ray Inspection System.

The device is targeted at the food and pharmaceutical industries and can offer detection capabilities up to 20% more than other systems manufactured locally and world-wide.

The x-ray system will automatically identify contaminants, missing or broken product, mass measurement, product shape confirmation, detecting packing voids and confirm fill levels.

The Autopac X-ray Inspection System provides optimum inspection sensitivity and is not affected by aluminium foil packaging, moisture content or temperature of the product.

Inspection of the product is achieved by the computer controlled 'low energy/high contrast' generator, advanced sensor technology and the unique image processing system that makes the Autopac X-ray Inspection System reliable at detecting minute product variations pinpointing contamination or deviation from the accepted product specifications.

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