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X-ray inspection of food cartons

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Autopac Systems of Australia has increased its range of X-ray food contaminant inspection systems to include full case inspection. The new model G-80 large case inspection system includes the following standard features: 

* User-Friendly operator control with 15” colour touch screen. The display provides a visual reference using real-time images and diagnostics data. Enhanced operational features including statistical display screen, image monitoring screen, operation manual, self diagnostics and troubleshooting functions.  
* Easy-to-operate, with all product parameters and settings via Windows XP format. Set up is simple and operational parameters are stored for each product.
* Memory storage for over 50,000 reject images, that can be reviewed when system is operating.
* No frequent calibration required as the system automatically analyses product variations to continuously achieve optimum detection sensitivity throughout production.
* High speed of up to 4000 scans/sec = 60 m/min conveyor belt speed.
* Stainless steel construction, IP65 wash down construction.

Optional features include:
* Network compatible – RS232C, Ethernet
* External setup with system monitoring via modem or broadband. The system can be monitored on line by Autopac X-Net to assist operators with maintaining the systems performance.
* Integral Reject system with lockable reject bin

Inspection of the product is achieved by the computer controlled low energy generator, advanced sensor technology and the unique image processing system that make the Autopac X-ray inspection system reliable at detecting minute product variations that signal contamination or deviation from the accepted specifications.

The Autopac G-80 X-ray inspection system is ideal for use in the manufacturing or packaging industry because:
* The Autopac G-80 X-ray inspection system prevents sabotage, i.e. the package is sealed before going through the detector thereby preventing tampering.
* The Autopac G-80 X-ray inspection system is a non-destructive system, i.e. the dose rate of X-rays contributed per unit is too small to harm the contents of the container.  
* The Autopac G-80 X-ray inspection system ensures that internal content quality and quantity are correct.
* The Autopac G-80 X-ray inspection system minimises complaints from retailers and end-users.

The G-80 with dual beam configuration can handle the inspection of cartons 550mm in height and 550mm in width. The conveyor system can be customised to suit installation.

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