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Thumbs up for LOCK Inspection Systems

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As sales have grown at Di Luigi, a U.S. sausage and further processor, Lock Inspection Systems, represented by Autopac Systems Pty Ltd in Australia, has become the company's partner in quality assurance with its MET 30+ 3f metal detectors.

Di Luigi has installed these detectors on the 10 product lines at its Danvers, Massachusetts, plant. Now, with the addition of Lock Inspection's new X-treme metal-detector liner, quality control has taken another major step forward, according to the company.

Lock MET 30+ 3f metal detectors have been installed on each line, after the overwrapping or modified-atmosphere packaging machines, and just before labelers or checkweighers.

The detectors can operate at three crystal-controlled frequencies - low, medium, and high, Lock Inspection says. The detector's automatic frequency selection facility chooses the optimum frequency for the product being inspected, ensuring the highest possible sensitivity.

Di Luigi has also programmed details of more than 30 sausage products and 25 entrées. The detectors' in-built automatic product setup saves the time normally spent carrying out configuration at the beginning of each production run.

Rick Clark, Di Luigi's plant engineer says that the remarkable difference with Lock machines is their tolerance to extreme variations in salt content, moisture, temperature, and pack sizes. These factors impact on the sensitivity of the detector and would usually necessitate frequent changes in program settings. This could mean excessive waste through unnecessary rejects or, more serious, metal contamination getting through the QA process. But with the MET30+ 3f, Clark says that all products are quickly and accurately verified despite their differences.

Properly operating under harsh manufacturing conditions has been a key asset for Lock Inspection detectors. With hygiene being critical in sausage and meat production, Di Luigi cleans all of its equipment - including the metal detectors -- with a high pressure washdown every night.

Lock's new high density polyethylene detector liner seals the detectors' primary liners to IP67, making them able to withstand water pressures of up to 1000psi.

This is essential in harsh food processing environments. The company adds that its X-treme liner is attracting a lot of interest from poultry and meat processing plants.

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