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Spherical metal detector test pieces

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article image The spherical shape of the test pieces makes it easier for the detection systems to be tested.

AUTOPAC Systems has expanded its range of test sticks for verifying the correct operation of metal detectors in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Newly released metal detector test pieces formed in the shape of spheres are beneficial to food manufacturers who use vertical drop through metal detection systems.

The spherical shape of the test pieces make it easier for these particular detection systems to be tested. The compact size of the test pieces means they flow through the detector easily.

The test balls still have all the features the regular testicks have and contain calibrated and certified bearings to BS EN ISO 9002 and UKAS standards.

Each metal detector test piece has a number etched onto its side, which relates back to the Certificate of Conformity supplied by the bearing manufacturer.

When metal detector test pieces are purchased from Autopac Systems, a password is issued to the client. This password, along with the number on the metal detector test piece, enables the client to access and download the relevant Certificate of Conformity directly from www.testick.com.

This ease of access, coupled with a high-quality manufacturing process, simple visible detection and colour-coded verification, makes metal detector test pieces a cost-effective way of managing the important aspects of safety through quality control.

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