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article image The SORTEX Z+ sorter.

BUHLER has unveiled their latest, most versatile and efficient sorter yet - the SORTEX Z+ optical sorter.

Since 1947, Buhler's optical sorting division, Sortex, has been at the forefront of sorting technology, continuously pioneering new technologies and increasing effectiveness and efficiency for food producers across the planet.

Buhler’s latest generation sorter, the SORTEX Z+, is a combination of advanced camera technology, intuitive operating features and user inspired design.

Since the Z series was introduced only four years ago, it has become established in more than 60 countries as the food producer's optical sorter of choice, according to Buhler.

The Z series sorts a wide variety of grains, coffee, tea, beans, pulses and nuts as well as non-food products such as plastics.

Buhler states that it has become the premium sorter within the food industry because of its versatility, reliability, speed and capacity - features that have helped hundreds of grain, pulse and rice producers to maximise their profits and increase their levels of high quality finished product, even when the input stream is highly contaminated.

Sortex says consumers demand higher and higher food quality and greater than ever levels of food safety, therefore the Z series sorters have helped producers stay on top, even when faced with the most demanding consumer requirements.

The SORTEX Z+ offers even better efficiency and lower running costs than ever before and with a greater range of customisation for specific needs, according to Buhler.

Features of the SORTEX Z+ sorter include:

* Highly developed camera technology - at the heart of every optical sorter is its camera power, monochromatic and bi-chromatic cameras that can detect colour defects in visible or infrared wavelengths. With the highest possible resolution and signal to noise ratio available, the SORTEX Z+ cameras can detect and reject the smallest defects.

* PROfile shape recognition - a combination of these most advanced cameras and PROfile shape recognition technology identifies the widest range of foreign material, extraneous vegetable matter, small spot defects, fine product damage and subtle colours.

* Ease of use - operators require minimum training to get the best possible performance from the SORTEX Z+ and the large, colour user interface with big icons, is totally intuitive, available in a range of languages and makes machine control easy.

The SORTEX Z+ offers the cleanest possible product and can be easily tailored to a producer's individual requirements says Buhler.

The SORTEX Z+ features automatic calibration and product tracking to maintain constant quality, without the need for operator adjustment.

Every good grain that's rejected in error and down-time for maintenance and regular machine servicing all impinge on the producer's profit margin.

Thus, the new SORTEX Z+ features maximum ejection accuracy for minimal wastage and a highly developed ejector mechanism that requires less maintenance, which means less downtime.

Sophisticated dust extractors ensure more reliable recognition and less time lost for cleaning cycles and the new innovative 'product tracking technology' maintains constant quality control.

The SORTEX Z+ also incorporates power management and reduced ejector air consumption to help slash running costs.

'Z-Anyware' and 'Total Care' ensure that the SORTEX Z+ is maintained to the highest standard and can be regularly monitored by the company’s engineers to ensure 'preventative' maintenance is scheduled well in advance.

The SORTEX Z+ can be monitored from anywhere in the world via a modem and the internet.

Buhler says the SORTEX Z+ colour sorter marks a major breakthrough in sorting technology - it is one of the safest, cleanest food production available on the market.

With the added benefits of improved product throughput, higher tonnage sorting per hour and lower running costs than ever, Buhler promises the SORTEX will provide 'safe food, clean food'.

Autopac Systems Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian agents for the SORTEX colour sorter range.

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