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Pipeline metal detectors from Autopac Systems

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Autopac Systems  provide the food industry with pipeline metal detectors designed to inspect pumped products with high levels of detection sensitivity. Food products are susceptible to metal contamination during the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and so NOW SYSTEMS provide industries the means to eliminate the problem with highly efficient, accurate and robust pipeline metal detectors.

These products allow industries to meet stringent food industry requirements. Pipeline metal detectors from Autopac Systems are able to detect contaminants in products transported through pipelines such as meat, vegetables, dairy, powders and pastes and can also be applied across a broad range of flow-rates and industry standard pipe sizes.

Other features of pipeline metal detectors include:

  • Closed coil system
  • Unique inspection filters for stable and precise detection
  • 3-pass auto-set up function for optimum sensitivity
  • Detection systems can sense in all positions within the metal detector aperture
  • Auto adjustment for sensitivity
  • Aggressive protection against water ingression
  • Optimum stability against vibration, impact, noise etc.
  • Auto balancing without the need for head re-balancing
  • Self-diagnostic system for easy maintenance
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Data record and management download for production
  • Auto record data system for contaminated products and search program of items registered
  • Intuitive, easy-to-operate controller
  • RS-232C interface function
  • Printer available to print all data
  • Multiple rejection systems available

Pipeline metal detectors from Autopac Systems provide the food industry with the means to perform effective QA testing to ensure products meet stringent health requirements. Accurate, robust and efficient performances provided by pipeline metal detectors make these products a clear choice for industrial food applications.

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