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Metal detector for textiles

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article image The Needlechek detector is designed to detect broken needle tips.

METAL detection is now an integral part of the textile and apparel production process and is an essential quality assurance requirement for manufacturers supplying leading brand names across the world.

At the production stage, metal detection provides a product safety solution that minimises risk of legal action, bad publicity and financial losses, all of which would result if a customer was injured by a broken needle tip or piece of stray metal left in a finished product.

Lock's leading edge technology and purpose designed range of metal detectors guarantees the very highest standards of inspection and delivers key benefits at every stage of production. They are available from Autopac Systems P/L.

The Needlechek detector is the textile/apparel industry leader. This system has been specifically designed to enable the detection of broken needle tips or other ferrous contaminants during garment production.

It provides a Quality Assurance Solution for all products, which contain non-ferrous metal accessories (for example, zips, studs and rivets.).

Neddlechek's exceptional sensitivity guarantees ferrous contaminants to the equivalent of 1.2mm diameter will be detected at any point within the aperture.

Needlechek can detect the presence of ferrous contaminants in products containing brass, copper, aluminium, tin and every other metal used and approved by leading textile accessory manufacturers, such as YKK, Prym and Opti.

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