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Metal detector for meat and poultry industries

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article image Can withstand intensive washdown environments.

LOCK Inspection Systems, represented in Australia by Autopac Systems , has released the X-treme metal detector. It can withstand intensive washdown environments like those in the meat and poultry industries.

Due to increasingly stringent hygiene policies in the meat and poultry industries, high-pressure washdown is required after every product run.

The metal detector is sealed to IP67 and can withstand cleaning conditions of up to 1,000 psi. Water ingress can potentially destroy the effectiveness of any metal detector head, leading to false readings.

The high-density polyethylene barrier can withstand direct hose cleaning at a close range and the result is more sensitive performance and longer life for the detector.

The X-treme detector has the standard features of the Met30+ range such as RS232/485 communication ports, 100-product memory with individual reject timer settings, a sample test reminder function and network capabilities.

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