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Metal detector for food manufacturers

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article image Detects non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

LOCK Inspection Systems, represented in Australia by Autopac Systems , has released a high-frequency metal detector. It allows food manufacturers and packers to detect non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

The MET 30+ hf detector is reliable at peak sensitivity. It uses a single high-frequency, crystal-controlled oscillator. It is designed primarily for snack food and bakery industries and will inspect dry foods such as biscuits or crisps at 875kHz. This is four times more than standard food industry detectors. The detector eliminates the need to reconfigure the settings for each product, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency and operating speed.

Flakes or slivers from machinery as well as swarf or wire from sieves, cutters or drilling during maintenance work can infiltrate the line at any stage during the production process. It is the pure, high resistance non-ferrous and stainless steel metals that pose major challenges to standard metal detectors.

The system is currently available as a horizontal unit, employed at the end of the line for final screening of dry, polywrapped, finished products. Lock is developing a wafer thin model for space-restricted lines as well as a vertical fall option for free-flowing goods such as coffee granules, sugar and cocoa .

The MET 30+ hf detector is available with a touchscreen keypad incorporating Lock's ADC software which displays signals from the metal detector in graphical format. Data can be viewed on-screen so any changes in signal can be identified immediately and the detector adjusted to match the product being inspected. This delivers accurate detection of the minutest particles of metal, whatever the product profile.

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