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Metal detector calibration test sticks

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HACCP and GMP demands that metal detectors are routinely QA tested and the results recorded. Fundamental to this is the test sample used.

Testicks metal detector test pieces available from Autopac Systems are the highest quality for metal detection testing in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Each clear test stick houses a sphere (the test piece) of either ferrous, non-ferrous or 316 stainless steel, ranging from 0.5mm to 9.0mm in diameter.

The sphere is completely sealed inside the test piece and comes with a certificate of conformity number clearly labelled on each stick, traceable to the source of manufacture.

For ease of use, the test pieces also have a colour-coded description detailing the size and type of the sphere inside.

Autopac Systems can also provide a "customer code" which, when used with the certificate of conformity number allows the user to access and download the relevant certificate online.

Online certification, high quality manufacturing, simple visible detection and color-coded verification make Testicks metal detector test pieces a very cost effective way to manage the important aspects of safety, calibration, verification and insurance liability through quality control.

Custom product sizes, bearing sizes and accessories, such as long-reach wands, are also available.

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