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MET30+ V3 Waferthin thin metal detector available from Autopac Systems

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Autopac Systems now offers a thin metal detector available, the MET30+ V3 Waferthin. Only 75mm thick, the V3 Waferthin is a wide diameter detector with a compact design, allowing it to fit tight parameters, while still satisfying sensitivity requirements.

Designed for installation in vertical packaging systems, the V3 Waferthin provides good sensitivity for snack, confectionery, and pharmaceutical products.

Compared to other metal detectors on the market which are 160 to 320mm wide, Lock's V3 Waferthin detector case has a super thin 75mm through put dimension allowing it to be mounted after the filler spout, just prior to foil pouch or metal can packaging.

Custom-built to suit customers' specifications, Lock's V3 Waferthin accurately detects and rejects contaminated particles.

Units can quickly and easily be moved for product or package changeovers - reducing downtime while maintaining a high standard of quality control.

A remote control system provides user-friendly operation for times when the unit must fit into hard-to-reach areas.

Electronics are mounted directly on the metal detector search head, and are easily accessible from a remote keypad.

This saves valuable line space in the scale and bagging machine, and eliminates the need for a mounted enclosure.

Autopac Systems is an Australian distributor for LOCK metal detectors.

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