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article image Type 42 inspection system.

CLEARVIEW, the new generation of intelligent X-ray product inspection systems from Safeline AVS, features a colour video display that provides real-time diagnostics data to quality control personnel.

The high-resolution ‘soft ray’ inspection technology is combined with innovative hardware and high-performance image processing software to ensure pharmaceutical, food and packaged product integrity.

Applications include:

· Pharmaceuticals, such as blister packaged products, and packages with inserts.

· Food products, including bulk products such as dried fruits, nuts, spices, and grain; pumpable liquids and slurries; pumpable meat products; conveyed packaged products, discrete packaged items, and loose products.

· Food and pharmaceutical products packaged on high-speed flow wrap lines.

In the video display ‘screen capture’ photo, ice cream cones packaged in a folding carton are monitored for various product and package attributes while the cartons are being conveyed rapidly through the X-ray system.

These new generation inspection systems combine high-resolution ‘soft ray’ inspection technology with innovative hardware and high-performance image processing software.

The ClearView systems ensure pharmaceutical, food and packaged product integrity by detecting and eliminating foreign bodies such as metal, stone, glass, bone, high-density plastic and rubber.

Real-time analysis of products provide the ability to monitor product and package attributes of both conveyed packaged products, loose discrete products, continuous-flowing bulk products, and pumped liquids and slurries.

The ClearView inspection systems are available in four product models, tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical, food and packaging industries:

· Type 42P Automatic Pipeline Inspection System for inspection of pumped liquids and slurries;

· Type 42BF Inspection System for inspecting continuous bulk product flows;

· Type 42 Inspection System (pictured) for automatic inspection of conveyed packages and loose products;

· Type 21 Inspection System for high speed automatic inspection of conveyed packaged products.

Using linear technology, critical inspection of any product flowing or conveyed through the systems results from its combination of a computer-controlled ‘soft ray’ generator and a powerful data analysis system.

A colour video display provides real-time diagnostics data, and the operator control centre is a user-friendly touch-screen system. The system will detect minute changes in product density that signifies product contamination or deviation from accepted specifications.

A stainless steel enclosure cabinet is designed for high-pressure wash down. The system will fit easily into existing conveyor or pipeline systems, and quick release belts or fittings allow quick dismantling and cleaning.

To comply with Vendor Certification programs and satisfy HACCP or FDA requirements, the ClearView inspection system may be equipped with a statistical control package for automatic data collection.

An available option is a label printout capability that automatically generates labels containing statistical data on a batch.

Each ClearView system is supplied with specific software configurations for the individual customer's application, to inspect for product specification, contaminant, product mass, and damaged items, as needed.

A variety of product reject styles are available; and Autopac Systems the Australian representative of Safeline AVS will assist customers in evaluation and specification of the best style reject device for each product and application. Autopac Systems 03 9355 7188.

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