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article image The Garmentchek is suitable for the inspection of bulky products.

THE quality of finished products can only be guaranteed if incoming materials are effectively screened to remove unwanted metallic particles.

Autopac Systems’ garment range of metal detectors provide customised solutions for the inspection of a wide variety of textile materials to individually specified dimensions.

The Garmentchek is suitable for the inspection of bulkier products either prior to or after manufacture.

Early detection of contamination affords significant cost savings since lower value ingredients rather than finished products are rejected. Product wastage is then minimised and valuable machinery protected.

The Garmentchek detector is the textile/apparel industry leader. This system has been specifically designed to enable the detection of broken needle tips or other ferrous contaminants during garment production.

It provides a Quality Assurance Solution for all products, which do not contain metal accessories (for example, zips, studs and rivets).

Garmentchek's exceptional sensitivity guarantees ferrous contaminants to the equivalent of 1.2mm diameter will be detected at any point within the aperture.

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