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Conveyor metal detectors from Autopac Systems

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Autopac Systems  present conveyor metal detectors manufactured by NOW SYSTEMS. These conveyor metal detectors are typically situated at the end of the production line and provide metal detection services on packaged or loose products that are then packed into cartons. Whole cartons can be inspected due to the powerful detection sensitivity provided by these conveyor metal detectors.

Contaminated products are removed from the production line through an integral reject system.

Products are susceptible to metal contamination and with the most stringent quality control programs in place, it has become of utmost importance to provide solid and efficient QA testing to ensure the safety of the products manufactured. Conveyor metal detectors from NOW SYSTEMS ensure that such QA tests are performed through a robust, efficient and highly accurate system.

Other features of conveyor metal detectors include:

  • Closed coil system
  • Unique inspection filters for stable and precise detection
  • 3-pass auto set-up functions for optimum sensitivity
  • Detection system can sense in all positions within the aperture of the metal detector
  • Auto adjustment for sensitivity
  • Aggressive protection against water ingression
  • Optimum stability against vibration, impact, noise etc
  • Auto-balancing without the need for head re-balancing
  • Automatic self-checking system for easy maintenance
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Data record and management download for production
  • Auto record data system for contaminated products and search program of items registered
  • Simple, easy-to-operate controller
  • RS-232C interface function
  • Printer available to print all data
  • Multiple rejections systems available

Conveyor metal detectors from Autopac Systems provide an optimum performance through highly sensitive, accurate and efficient functions to ensure the safety of the products at the end of the production line.

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