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LOCK Inspection Systems has released the Compact Vertical Fall and the Compact Waferthin metal detectors, available from Autopac Systems . They are designed to solve space constraint issues on production lines.

The Compact Vertical Fall is Lock’s latest addition to the MET 30+ range of metal detectors. It guarantees optimum protection for incoming bulk raw materials in both granular and fine powder form, even in severely restricted spaces. It is 25% smaller than the previous standard systems and is capable of detecting in all types of raw material, with a sealed reject mechanism.

The Compact Waferthin detector is designed for the snack food and confectionery industries and can be accommodated in lines where space is limited. It is only 5" top to bottom and can be slotted neatly into high-speed integrated packaging systems which incorporate multihead weighers feeding vertical form-fill and seal bagmakers.

Lock's MET 30+ 3f is the first fully automatic triple frequency detector on the market. It is capable of highly accurate inspection of both poly-film and metallised packaged products. The 3f operates at three crystal controlled frequencies - high, medium and low. It features an automatic frequency selection facility which chooses the optimum frequency, whatever the product or packaging. When inspecting polywrapped product the detector will automatically select high frequency, whereas for a product packaged in metallised film it will operate at low frequency.

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