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Coffee bag valve applicator

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article image The Bestrom-100 valve applicator.

THE valve applicator system Bestrom-100 is designed for applying safety valves on bags filled with coffee product.

Available from Autopac Systems Pty Ltd , the applied valve excludes air penetration into the filled bag and allows built up gas within the package to be released.

A valve-applying applicator works in combination with automatic VFFS packaging machines or can be used as a separate system to apply valves on pre-made bags.

To maintain fresh packaged coffee, oxygen must be kept out of the packaging.

The problem with the packaging of fresh roasted coffee is the out-gassing that occurs after the roasting process. The gas produced by the coffee beans can cause the seals of a package to tear apart unless the gas within the package is released. If the coffee is not packed until the out-gassing stops, then the coffee will become stale.

The valve applicator system consists of the following equipment:

* An application head

* A frame

* Assembled arm

* Pneumatics ‘Pneumax’

* Oil reservoir.

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