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Carton x-ray inspection system

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article image Autopac’s unique x-ray inspection system.

AUTOPAC Systems Pty Ltd offer x-ray inspection systems capable of inspecting food products contained within carton shipper boxes.

Designed and developed in Australia, they are ideal for packaging of meat, snacks, salad and cereals.

The Autopac x-ray system will not only detect contaminants such as bones, stones, metal, various rubbers and plastics, it will also detect missing items within the carton.

Inspection of the product is achieved by the computer controlled 'low energy/high contrast' generator, advanced sensor technology and the unique image processing system that make the Autopac x-ray inspection system reliable at detecting minute product variations that pinpoint contamination or deviation from the accepted product specifications.

The x-ray inspection system comes with a standard twelve-month warranty period and is locally serviced and supported directly by the manufacturer.

Due to the local design and manufacture of this advanced inspection system, it can be designed to suit specific applications to suit any inspection requirement.

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