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Pre-inspection services available from Autonexus

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Autonexus  is one of the premium logistics specialists that offer advanced services to the automotive industry. Autonexus encompasses skilled logistic specialist who offers premium quality service help in order to maximise profit as well as reduce costs for customers. Autonexus offers strategic relationships, adaptive, flexible and collaborative services, specific supply chain expertise, shared risk and reward, advanced technology capability, knowledge and information based. Autonexus can create a recognised centre of excellence in terms of finished vehicle logistics and parts distribution to automotive manufacturers, importers, retailers and customers.

Autonexus offers services in terms of vehicle logistics, parts logistics, inventory management, customer programs, specialized build vehicles, finance and information services, fleet maintenance and refurbishment services, customer programs. The vehicle logistic services offered by Autonexus consists of services such as accessory and aftermarket product fitment, DataDotDNA security identification application, preservation programs, vehicle storage, freight management, detailing services, management of paint and panel repair, vehicle de-wax and refueling, wharf survey, press and motor show vehicle preparation. Autonexus offers pre-delivery inspection services to some of the Australia’s largest car importers. The purpose behind pre-delivery inspection services is ensure that the vehicle have uniform quality that are defined by the manufacturer and the importer, before the vehicle is being delivered to the dealer.

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