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S7 digital input and output cards

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article image VIPA SM322 -- 16 outputs.

THE VIPA S7-300 digital input and output cards, available from Automation Warehouse , are designed to be used instead of the S7-300 cards from Siemens and still plug onto the Siemens custom DIN rail and rack.

Configuration is conveniently similar to the Siemens equivalent by utilising STEP7.

VIPA has now released the 322-1BH10 digital output card which boasts 2A per point outputs at 24V dc.

The SM322 card allows higher current devices to be directly switched by the PLC outputs. The card comes with 16 digital outputs which are potentially separated to the backplane.

LEDs indicate activated output but, in addition, the VIPA cards come with an extra LED to display 24V dc is connected and available. A fault LED indicates any output in overload, short circuit, or fault on the card.

The SM322 is protected by maintenance-free short circuit, overload and temperature overload protection, which automatically clears and resumes without user intervention.

To complement the SM322, VIPA manufactures a range of CPUs, digital and analogue modules that may also be used in the Siemens S7-300 racks.

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