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S7-300 alternative compact PLC available from Automation Warehouse

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VIPA, represented by Automation Warehouse, has released a low-cost, compact PLC's with fixed I/O based upon its ultra-fast SPEED7 processor technology.

The new System 313SC PLC offers an entry level solution for smaller, time critical automation systems and with up to 100,000 instructions in 2ms, offer up to 30 times the processing speeds of existing compact PLCs.

With up to 1Mbyte of scalable memory and many of the features found on the System 300S range which is used for the most complex centralised and decentralised applications, the new PLC is fully Step7 programmable with instruction set compatibility for Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 systems.

With integrated standard MMC card slots for program and parameter file storage and up to 1Mbyte expandable processor memory available via VIPA's memory configuration card (MCC), the new 313SC provide the user with ample system expansion potential without the need for costly hardware changes.

The use of MCCs also allows much more potential memory storage than comparable compact systems and also facilitates trouble-free multiple automation system commissioning and reduces the number of CPU's required for spares.

The 313SC feature an Ethernet interface for PG/OP communication, an RS485 and MPI connection plus a real-time clock.

The fixed digital I/O count is 24/16; the analogue I/O count is 4/2 with a single pt100 analogue input.

An additional 4/4 I/O (switchable) is available for counter, PWM or stepper control.

The work memory complement is 32Kbyte, expandable up to 512Kbyte and to handle more complex applications the memory for the 314SC is 64Kbyte expandable to 1Mbyte.

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