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article image A 12Mb Profibus DP Master/Slave port is integrated into every CPU.

VIPA, represented in Australia by Automation Warehouse , has released a new SPEED7 CPU 315/SN that is programmed by STEP 7 from Siemens. The instruction set is compatible and more than 10x faster (0.014µs) than a Siemens S7-400.

The new SPEED7 is built into the very competitive S7-300 type housing. It represents excellent alternative for any user with a S7-300 or S7-400 project.

The CPU 315/SN is shipping with 2Mb work memory and 2Mb load memory.

A 10/100Mb TCP/IP port comes onboard standard for programming or SCADA connection. A second separate TCP/IP port is also included onboard with the functionality of a CP343-1 Ethernet controller, including programming, SCADA connections and Peer to Peer communications with other devices.

A standard 12Mb Profibus DP Master/Slave port is integrated into every CPU.

A special high speed parallel bus is available to the left of the CPU for communication processors, function modules, fast digital input cards and fast analogue input cards. To the right of the CPU a standard S7-300 card from Siemens or 300V cards from VIPA can be connected.

The new CPU comes standard with a 12Mbs to 187.5Kbs MPI port for the Siemens MPI adapter cable or by using the low cost VIPA Green cable for programming.

The MPI port can connect to operator panels simultaneously as well as programming with a laptop

The MPI port also supports Siemens Global Data communications to up to 8 partners. These partners can be VIPA 100V, 200V, 300V, 300S, 500V, Siemens S7-300, S7-400 CPUs.

Also included is a MMC slot for program backup or storage of complete symbols and comments from STEP7. It uses a standard MMC so that users can read and write to it, also via a standard MMC card reader. Any file type can be stored on the MMC in this way, for example, Word, Excel, Access, pdf, CAD and any type at all.

Users can configure the SPEED7 CPU with existing STEP 7 and cables, or can use the VIPA WinPLC7 software.

VIPA also supplies the MPI cables of autodetect PPI/MPI/Teleservice environments and allows programming to all VIPA and Siemens S7 CPUs.

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