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Alternative CPUs for Siemens S7

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article image VIPA 214 CPU.

THE VIPA 214 range of CPUs, available from Automation Warehouse , are designed to be used instead of the S7-300 CPUs from Siemens and are still programmed by STEP7.

VIPA has now released the VIPA 214 CPUs with increased memory:

* 214-1 - 48K work 80K load memory (MPI and DP).

* 214-2 - 48K work 80K load memory (MPI and DP master).

* 214-NET - 48K work 80K load memory (MPI and TCP/IP).

Since the load memory is so generous, MMCs (Micro Memory Card) or FLASH memory modules are not required. However a MMC port is provided to store the program, or if you wish, you can now store the entire project with comments and symbols onboard the CPUs MMC.

The CPUs fit on a standard 35mm DIN rail. The processors from VIPA can come with TCP/IP built into the CPU. All processors for STEP7 from VIPA come with an MPI (Multi Point Interface) port that supports communications with S7-300 processors, operator panels and programming adapters from Siemens. Global Data and S7 functions over MPI is also supported.

They also can come with PROFIBUS Master or Slave ports, which operate at up to 12Mb/s. The PROFIBUS port is configured in STEP7 as you would a Siemens S7-300 processor, all PROFIBUS remote I/O, operator panels, variable speed drives and other devices are supported.

Physically the CPUs are much smaller than a standard S7-315-2 processor from Siemens, but are configured the same as a 315-2 with STEP7. Full I/O card options are available, as well as high speed counters (1Mb/s), stepper and servo motor control cards, RS232/422/485 cards. Modbus RTU slave/master cards, etc.

Considerable space savings are achieved in cubicles, along with additional technical features not normally found in such small sized PLC solutions.

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