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DataMan 100 accessories available from Automation Systems & Controls

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Automation Systems & Controls  has released several new accessories for the Dataman 100. These new products expand the power and capability of the DataMan 100 product line.

New capabilities include the ability to read DM codes with modules as small as 2mm, ESD safety for use with sensitive electronic components and uniform external lights for even challenging direct part mark applications.

SHD lens kit:

This 16mm lens kit replaces the standard lens in the Dataman 100 to provide either longer working distances or higher magnification at the standard working distances.

The lens is adjustable for working distances between 40mm and 550mm and the kit includes housing spacers to securely lock the lens in place while retaining the Dataman 100’s IP65 industrial rate.

  • Reads data Matrix codes as small as 2mm
  • Fully adjustable lens allows the user to set working distance between 40mm and 550mm
  • Retains the Dataman 100’s IP-65 industrial rating
  • Compatible with any Dataman 100 model

C-mount lens adapter:

This adapter allows the use of commercially available c-mount lens with the Dataman 100. This provides good flexibility between magnification and working distance. The adaptor blocks the Dataman 100 aimer and internal lighting so external lighting must be used in these applications.

DPM reading light

The direct park mark reading light is specifically designed to supplement the Dataman 100’s internal lighting for applications that require additional intensity or increased uniformity.

This flexible light works with all three of the Dataman 100’s working distance settings and can be adjusted to provide bright field illumination or 30° dark field illumination.

  • Designed specifically for use with the Dataman 100
  • 24 volt light can be controlled by DM20 outputs
  • Ideal for challenging DPM applications

Expanded I/O module:

The 1400 expanded I/O module provides the Dataman 100 with additional output capability including 6 additional general-purpose opto-isolated outputs.

The high-speed outputs and 2 high-speed easily accessible through this I/O output is capable of driving up to 100mA suitable for controlling external lighting including the DPM reading light.

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