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The new FR-A741 inverter range from Mitsubishi Electric and available from Automation Systems and Controls  has an integrated regeneration braking function that conserves energy and reduces costs in high torque applications such as hoists, lifts, winders, conveyors, testing machines and centrifugal separators. The regeneration function in the inverter also makes it possible to achieve smaller, less expensive drive systems and simpler more compact switchgear layouts, saving both cabinet space and cost.

The FR-A741 range of inverters currently includes 10 inverters in the power range from 5.5kW to 55kW. All of these units are particularly well suited for tasks involving frequent cyclical acceleration and deceleration, and applications where braking resistors are normally used. They offer full output capacity- without restrictions - up to an oper¬ating frequency of 14.5 kHz.   

The power regeneration system integrated into the FR-A741 inverter enables the drive to feed back regenerative braking energy into the power grid with minimum losses. This energy can then be used for other purposes, reducing overall power consumption and operating costs substantially. In addition, regeneration technology generates less heat than that produced by conventional braking resistors, which in turn reduces space requirements – and also power consumption, as no additional cooling devices are required.

Although a high-end drive, the FR-A741 inverter range has no special requirements, in respect of power supply disturbances, beyond those of standard frequency inverters. Harmonic mains interference is efficiently sup¬pressed by an integrated AC reactor; and there is also an addi¬tional harmonics suppression option available to further minimise network inter¬ference.    

Conforming to international standards, the FR-A741 inverter range can be used with confidence by exporting OEMs, as well as in-house drive users.                                                               

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