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Automation Sales conducts Siemens training courses

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Automation Sales  now runs Siemens training courses in Brisbane every two months. These courses are certified and licensed by Siemens Germany.


The course begins with basic program structure and emphasis is given to practical exercises covering digital and analogue programming, troubleshooting and monitoring.

Course description:

  • Duration 4-days
  • S7 System overview and installation of STEP7 Software
  • Program structure, basic principles of STEP7 Software
  • STEP7 Software tools for testing, error detection and troubleshooting
  • Program archiving and memory card operations.

Course objectives:

  • Identify and configure the hardware components and performance characteristics of SIMATIC S7
  • Make use of the various types of addressing and understand program structure
  • Create, document, and test, simple program structure
  • Understand the nature of minor program modifications to identify and overcome operational problems and conduct monitoring and test functions.

Pre-requisite knowledge:

  • Pre-requisite knowledge assumes a basic knowledge of control and PLC concepts
  • PC and Window experience is essential.


The S7-Plant course focuses on hardware and software fault finding together with a practical hands-on introduction to Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) concepts.

Course description:

  • Duration 4-days
  • The course covers the integration of HMI devices, VF drive components on both MPI and PROFIBUS DP Networks
  • All topics are illustrated through simulator using the SIMATIC ET200S distributed peripheral, TP170B Touch Panel and the MM420 VF Drive.

Course outcomes:

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Recognise and evaluate hardware faults in a TIA system
  • Apply various block types (FC, FB, OB and DB) to your project
  • Understand the principles of analogue processing
  • Use SIMATIC software to recognise and reduce errors that can cause system shutdowns and logical software errors
  • Troubleshoot an MPI network
  • Integrate devices on a PROFIBUS DP network
  • Use SIMATIC Protocol to reconfigure HMI devices
  • Understand the basic operation of SIMATIC Drives ES software for drive configuration.

Pre-requisite knowledge:

  • Pre-requisite knowledge assumes a basic knowledge of control and PLC concepts
  • PC and Windows experience is essential
  • An understanding and experience with STEP7 software; or
  • Completion of the S7-PROG1 programming and troubleshooting course.

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