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article image The DL06 micro PLC.

THE DL06, a member of Automation Direct's DirectLogic line of programmable logic controllers, is an expandable micro PLC that combines 20 inputs and 16 outputs of fixed I/O points, with up to four option card slots for discrete, analogue, and communication modules, providing up to 100 total I/O points.

It is offered in a variety of fixed I/O combinations and power supply options, including eight models of either ac- or dc-supplied units with combinations of ac, dc, or relay I/O points. The same PLC panel layout can be used for all applications from 36 to 100 I/O points.

"The new DL06 micro PLC provides features not found in other micro PLCs, and it's offered at half the price of the competition," says Tim Hohmann, Automation Direct's founder.

Features include 14.8K total memory, built-in real-time clock/calendar and 229 instructions, including eight PID loops with automatic loop scheduling and charts to fill out for alarms and ramp/soak profiles.

Built-in autotune capability allows the CPU to determine near-optimum loop settings, based on process time constant when the autotune procedure is performed.

DL06 also offers two communication ports for programming and operator interface, as well as RS232/422/485 networking, ASCII in/out, and Modbus RTU master/slave choices.

This micro PLC has integrated high-speed inputs up to 7kHz and pulse outputs up to 10kHz, along with four external interrupts or pulse catch inputs at a minimum pulse width of 100æs.

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