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AutomationDirect releases new line of micro-graphic operator panels

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AutomationDirect has released its new line of micro-graphic operator panels. The C-more Micro-Graphic panel is a touch panel with a text panel price manufactured by Koyo Electronics, part of the multi-billion dollar JTEKT group.

C-more Micro Graphic panels are compact operator panels available in touch screen and nontouch screen models. The 3.1" LCD easy-to-read monochrome display offers a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. With 768KB memory, C-more Micro Graphic Panels support of up to 999 screens, limited only by project memory usage. In addition, C-more Micro is equipped with LED backlights with five user-definable colours.

Using the panel with touch display, operators can quickly initiate an action or enter a value. Projects can include bitmap pushbuttons, increment/ decrement pushbuttons, and even a pop-up numeric keypad right on the screen. The display panel supports 8 lines by 21 characters of dynamic text, enabling embedded variables, ON/OFF phrases, lookup text, and more. C-more Micro-Graphic also supports 10 lines by 32 characters of static text. The panel is also capable of reverse video to accentuate text.

C-more Micro Graphic panels have an alarm function, which allows control of backlight colour flash, function key LED flash, beep activation, and custom banner alarm displays. In addition to alarm indication, the panel can display bar graphs, bitmap buttons, and graphical indicator lights. C-more Micro-Graphic panels also include a recipe button object, which can transfer up to 99 tag values to PLC destination registers with a single touch.

C-more Micro-Graphic panels can attach directly to the 6-pin, modular RJ12 communication port of DirectLOGIC PLCs for both power and communications. If connecting to another brand of PLC, or to a non-RJ12 port on an AutomationDirect PLC, an optional snap-on 24 VDC power adapter is required. Two models are available; the EA-MG-P1 power adapter or the EA-MG-SP1 model, which is equipped with a 24 VDC power adapter and a 15-pin D-sub RS-232/RS-422/485 serial port.

For applications requiring additional data entry options, two optional keypad bezels are available. Both bezels are plug-and-play, with no programming or external power needed. The EA-MG-BZ1 is an eight-button bezel designed for simple setpoint adjustment and data entry, equipped with Menu, Escape, Clear, Enter, and four arrow buttons. The EZ-MG-BZ2 offers 20 buttons providing the same function keys, plus a numeric keypad.

The C-more Micro-Graphic panel configuration software allows the use of bitmap graphics to display images of pushbuttons, switches, and indicators. Simply drag and drop user-defined or standard objects onto the screen construction area, where they can be configured with PLC data tags.

A helpful feature of the software is the project simulator, which allows the developer to view and run a project on the PC screen exactly as it would appear on the panel. Without being connected to a panel, all functions of the screens can be tested, including touch objects, entering data values and testing the functionality of display objects by changing data tag content.

The simulator can save hours of programming and debugging time, before ever downloading the project to the panel. The programming software (EA-MG-PGMSW) is available for download online; a CD-ROM can be purchased.

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