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Sprinklers available from Automatic Fire Protection

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Fire sprinklers from Automatic Fire Protection offers an important level of protection to the occupants, building structure and the environment by minimising the effects of a major fire. Sprinklers conserve water at the time of fire fighting efforts and ensure safeguard against the loss of building contents and also at the same time provides protection against lost continuity of business operations. Sprinkler systems can be incorporated into other systems such as smoke control and air-handling systems, automatic heat and smoke detectors, emergency warning and intercommunication systems.

Automatic Fire Protection offers a wide range of sprinklers such as conventional, Spray, concealed, sidewall, recessed, flush, dry pendent, fast response, dry upright. Automatic Fire Protection supplies as well as installs fire detection system that offers an early warning of a fire hazard for occupants. The most common elements of a fire that can be detected are smoke, heat and flames. Heat detectors are designed in such a way to alarm when the heat causes a change in temperature.

The smoke detectors detect fires more rapidly than the heat detector. Smoke detectors are well suited in terms of large open spaces as the smoke does not dissipate as rapidly as heat. Flame detector responds to radiant energy from sources such as coals or flames, glowing embers.

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