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Fast AirPouch Express 3 void fill system

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AUTOMATED Packaging Systems Ltd has reported record sales of its recently launched AirPouch Express 3 void fill system for effective product protection during shipping.

The AirPouch desktop void fill system is fast and easy to use, providing protective air-filled cushions to meet end-of-line packing requirements at a rate of 15 linear metres per minute.

Environmentally friendly, the ultra lightweight cushions provide a no-mess packing solution that results in much reduced shipping costs.

The strong cushions offer excellent product protection and padding - suitable for components, spare parts, CDs, books, electronics, pharmaceuticals, electrical items, mail order centres, fulfilments houses, automotive parts distribution - and many more applications.

ABgene Limited, specialists in pharmaceutical consumables and instrumentation, is one of many organisations who has benefited from using AirPouch cushions to protect their products during transportation.

Bernard Whitney, Distribution Manager, had this to say about AirPouch’s success:

"It was immediately clear that AirPouch produced a smoother operation and was smaller and more streamlined, ideal if space is an issue.

“We had used polystyrene chips for many years and our customers disliked the chips due to the mess created when unpacking.

“Using AirPouch cushions not only makes it quicker to fill a pallet, it also makes it a much cleaner operation. Storage was quite an issue for us as the chips came in large bulky bags, were awkward to store and we also often ran out of stock.

"AirPouch cushions are delivered in small boxes making it simpler to store and maintain stock levels. Packing is much faster without the mess, and it's also 'instant' - press the button to the desired quantity and it's done! A faster solution all round."

Kelvin Hughes, leading suppliers of marine data products including charts, books, publications (paper and digital) and nautical items, has been using AirPouch for over six months now. The company uses it as packing filler in boxes to protect products during shipment to customers.

"Since installing the AirPouch Express 3 system we have seen a significant improvement in our packaging operations. The packaging process is clean and tidy, whilst protecting our products perfectly," said Garry Parker, from Kelvin Hughes.

Previously, Kelvin Hughes used shredded paper and now AirPouch has saved considerable space in the working environment as only a small amount of physical packing is now required to protect the product.

"We have realised a measurable reduction in packaging material costs since the introduction of AirPouch, as well as reduced packaging time,” commented Garry Parker.

“Our customers like the product because it is clean, easy to handle and provides a more aesthetically pleasing package when received - and is much more easy and cost-effective to dispose of than traditional forms of void fill. It is a cost-saving enhancement to our shipping operations."

The durable AirPouch material comes in boxes that inflate to over 8.5 cubic metres of void fill (equivalent to 18 bags of polystyrene loose fill), and the cushions are available in two sizes: 100mm x 200mm and 200mm x 200mm.

Thanks to a unique EZ tear perforation the box-fed consumables offer as much as 45% more cushions than an average roll of tubing resulting in less reloading and lifting of heavy rolls, and reduced storage requirements, according to Automated Packaging Systems Ltd.

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