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Stepper motor drives available from Automated Motion Systems

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The RTA Mind-T drives available from Automated Motion Systems have a built in programmable controller enabling them to run standalone.

Once programmed, there is no need to have a PLC or a computer connected. Up to 16 programs can be stored in non-volatile memory, selected by switch inputs and started by a dedicated start input.

Programs are written using PC Software and simple motion language defining position, speed and acceleration. Serial communication is by RS232 or RS485.

The stepper motor drives have a few auxiliary inputs and outputs to control other functions in a machine. Programming can be done in absolute or incremental coordinates.

Absolute position is with reference to a dedicated datum switch input. Up to 16 drives can be daisy chained and individually addressed.

The bipolar stepper motor drives can be provided up to 12A from 55 to 180 VDC for 23, 34 and 42 frame size, two-phase stepper motors. It is designed for high speed and power applications such as pick and place, profile machining and packaging machines.

Power supply is unregulated DC from a transformer, rectifier and capacitors (external DC power supplies are also available).

Resolution can be selected from 400 to 4000 steps/rev for smooth running. The small footprint of 205 x 53 mm enables easy installation into cabinets.

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