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Computer logon authentication from Automa

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Automa  provides computer logon authentication which aids in securing access to applications and networks. Automa offers wide range of services including system planning, design and architecture, database operation, pattern matching, image processing, biometric algorithm and computer vision.

Automa offers services including government identification, attendance system, locker system, club membership and biometrics system. The implementation services offered by Automa include identification and enrollment of users, staff training, integration of existing technology and data back up.

Automa provides Actatek that aids in avoiding buddy punching problems and employee fraud and set access time for users. The Actatek time management machine also helps in holiday scheduling and has in built database and web server.

Automa provides original equipment manufactures and software development kits that allow designers and developers to integrate fingerprint support into their products. The software development kits offered by Automa aids in supporting wide range of programming system including .NET, COM, DLL’S, Delphi and visual basic to name a few.

The variety of OEM and SDK products offered by Automa includes platinum SDK, gold SDK, Verifinger, Sensor 4000 and Fingerprint module.

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