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Biometric products and fingerprint technologies from Automa

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Automa  offers biometrics technology and products for identification and higher security. The biometric products provided by Automa uses finger scan and fingerprint technologies for window logon and computer, access control, attendance and time applications.

Automa supplies biometrics technology which is a convenient and secure method for authentication and cannot be borrowed, written down or forgotten. The biometrics offered by Automa measures individual behavioural characteristics and unique physical features to identify the person.

The common physical biometrics includes face, retina, and palm and fingerprints whereas the behavioural biometrics includes voice, signature, gait and keystroke pattern. Automa provides various attendance and time systems which automatically collects and manages the kabour records.

Automa supplies time clock that results in eliminating timesheets and increases the accuracy of the payroll system. The finger scan biometrics is a secure clock on method that prevents the cost of maintaining a card system.

Automa offers wide range of time and attendance products including Actatek, Time TEQ and Count Me In. Actatek provides attendance and time clocking capability that can be conveniently attached to the wall. The machine has in built web server that automatically records time.

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