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No customer is forgotten with Autodesk's Loyalty Program

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AUTODESK is offering significant savings to customers who own valid licences of select retired Autodesk software through the Autodesk Loyalty Program.

Designed specifically for customers who are presently using AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 2000i and AutoCAD 2002 based products, the program will offer up to 30 per cent off the suggested retail price of selected Autodesk products.

Technology is constantly changing and Autodesk is in the business of providing customers with every competitive edge says Frank Sgammotta, Regional Director, Australia and New Zealand.

Autodesk customers are “transforming the world in powerful ways” with their products and Autodesk needs to match their customers’ “higher expectations as a design technology leader”.

AutoCAD releases over the years have brought huge improvements in productivity to their customers, according to Mr Sgammotta.

Autodesk maintains a policy to retire two products that are more than two releases prior to the release currently shipping. This is industry practice, which is a vital tool to drive ever-more innovative products to the customer base and manage costs, says Mr Sgammotta.

Customers wishing to take advantage of the Autodesk Loyalty Program special pricing offer need to purchase their new Autodesk software before 15 July 2006.

Autodesk's latest product portfolio spans multiple industries in the manufacturing, building and infrastructure sectors.

AutoCAD 2007

The company's flagship AutoCAD software contains powerful capabilities in its latest release of AutoCAD 2007. It allows users the flexibility to work in an integrated environment for conceptual and detailed design, as well as create, manage and share digital assets.

The AutoCAD 2007 platform delivers a powerful and intuitive interface for quick and easy shape creation and modification, as well as new features that enable customers across multiple industries to fully explore their design during early project phases, providing faster feedback and more opportunities for design exploration.

Autodesk's industry-specific products also take advantage of the AutoCAD 2007 platform enhancements and deliver marked improvements to the 3D modelling environments.

These features include:

Autodesk manufacturing solutions

* Autodesk Inventor 11 – one of the world's best-selling mechanical design software and is ideal for 3D design, available as part of Autodesk Inventor Series or Autodesk Inventor Professional

* AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 - a fast growing mechanical 2D drafting application

* AutoCAD Electrical 2007 - the tool of choice for electrical controls designers

* Autodesk Productstream 5 - automates release management processes by managing engineering changes and bill materials

* Autodesk Steamline 7 - hosted project management to increase collaboration across extended teams

* Autodesk Intent - engineer-to-order application that enables real-time engineering.

Autodesk infrastructure solutions

* Autodesk Map 3D - a leading platform for creating and editing spatial data

* Autodesk Civil 3D - maintains intelligent object relationships using an industry-proven dynamic engineering model.

Autodesk building solutions

* Autodesk Revit Building 9 - designed-specifically for BIM, lets architects and designers work on buildings holistically, rather than in terms of separate floor plans, sections and elevations

* Autodesk Revit Structure 3 - BIM software for structural engineering and documentation

* Autodesk Building Systems 2007 - better, faster, AutoCAD for mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineers, designers and drafters

* Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007 - AutoCAD-based software for architects

* Autodesk Revit Series - Building 9, combines AutoCAD 2007 with Autodesk Revit Building 9

* Autodesk AutoCAD Revit Series - Structure 3, combines AutoCAD with Autodesk Structure 3.

To take advantage of the Autodesk Loyalty Program special pricing offer of over 30 per cent off the suggested retail price, customers should contact their preferred Autodesk reseller.

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