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New Autodesk Simulation 360 for cloud-based simulation

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Autodesk Australia  has moved its simulation technology to the cloud.

Autodesk Simulation 360, the company’s next major cloud offering takes the highly computer-intensive technology to the cloud, making the simulation solution much faster, less expensive and more accessible by companies of all sizes.

Cloud-based simulation will enable designers and engineers to more easily predict, optimise and validate the performance of their designs. The virtually infinite power of the cloud allows complex engineering tests that were once limited to simulation specialists to be performed by mainstream designers.

Key capabilities of simulation technology:
  • Product designers can test how various ergonomic designs of furniture will accommodate and adapt to differing body types and levels of use well before the piece is ever manufactured
  • Manufacturers can understand the heat generated by electronics devices long before manufacture to help prevent costly consumer recalls
  • Architects, structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) engineers can gain deeper insight into how a building will behave during use by simulating air flow to help ensure thermal comfort, analysing environmental effects and testing the behaviour of structural materials including concrete
Joining Autodesk’s cloud solutions BIM 360 and PLM 360, Autodesk Simulation 360’s pay-as-you-go pricing model will enable any company to make upfront simulation part of their everyday design and engineering processes.

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