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MidCoast Water implement Autodesk Australia Topobase software

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Autodesk Australia  have announced that MidCoast Water have gone live with an Asia-Pacific implementation of Autodesk Topobase software. MidCoast Water are using Topobase to consolidate isolated stores of computer-aided design (CAD) and geographical information system (GIS) data into a central spatial information database.

MidCoast Water are responsible for water supply and sewerage systems in the Greater Taree and Great Lakes local government areas in New South Wales, which is an area of more than 7,000 square kilometres.

Autodesk Topobase software will integrate infrastructure design and management, providing MidCoast Water with access to an infrastructure model with accurate design, spatial and asset information to make better decisions, manage infrastructure assets efficiently and enhance data quality. Autodesk Topobase software is an open and flexible framework, with an industry-specific water utility application that can easily be configured to support an organisation’s specific business processes and can be integrated with existing business systems.

According to MidCoast Water, Autodesk Topobase software gives MidCoast Water database and application tools to maintain the accuracy of the data and provide a visual indicator of potential problems in the spatial maps. It also helps MidCoast Water to provide better answers on geospatial questions by closing the gap between GIS and CAD through industry specific information management.

MidCoast Water team can access information in the infrastructure model, reducing the need for data conversion processes and redundant data entry procedures.

According to Autodesk Australia, MidCoast Water approached them to deliver this software because they needed a technology that could meet their business requirements without disruption. The openness of the data that Autodesk Topobase software provides was also a key factor in choosing Autodesk Australia.

A case study about this implementation was delivered at the Water Leaders Congress at the Hotel Intercontinental in Sydney. Brendan Soustal, GIS Manager from MidCoast Water and Ian Cannington, Director, strategic sales, from Autodesk Australia presented on how to assess the potential of GIS, quantifying the benefits of GIS for water utilities and how to improve the quality and integrity of data.

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