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Autodesk upgrades Autodesk Manufacturing Community website

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Autodesk , Inc., has made a significant upgrade to its Autodesk Manufacturing Community website, an online user community for engineering and design professionals.

The site is redesigned with enhanced functionality, opening the door for thousands of community members to stay current with industry news and events, network with other professionals in their field and take advantage of a wide selection of 2D and 3D resources.

In conjunction with the upgrade, a monthly newsletter begins this month. Members and industry celebrity editors will collaborate and compile community highlights to keep members updated. The newsletter will also offer breaking news and a chance for readers to be in the know about upcoming contests.

Community members drive new functionality

Based on community feedback, the improved Community site includes new features that will provide an enhanced experience:

  • Fully-customisable content views allow community members to focus on the information that is relevant to them
  • Member galleries and slideshow galleries of personal work enable members to share hands-on examples from their own experience
  • Easily created peer groups provide a networking and communication forum for members with similar interests in highly specialised topics
  • Enhanced search functionality such as content tagging harnesses the power of the overall user community to return more useful, actionable search results

The Autodesk Manufacturing Community site is driven by peer feedback and peer contributions. Members are extensively involved in posting, ranking, submitting, commenting and participating; and the site currently receives more than 10,000 page views and 200 new members per week.

One of the favourite sections of the community is the Supplier Content Center, hosted in partnership with PARTSolutions/CADENAS. Members are downloading more than 50,000 commercial software parts each month and the numbers keep growing.

With 2.5 million users, the Autodesk Manufacturing Community is one of the world’s large communities of designers in the manufacturing industry, serving both the 2D and 3D design communities.

About the Autodesk Manufacturing Community

The Autodesk Manufacturing Community portal provides a pulse on the recent trends and innovative topics for engineers in the manufacturing industry, such as the integration of 3D into traditional design processes.

Benefits of the membership include access to:

  • 3D content sharing: peer-to-peer and supplier content
  • Member discussion forums
  • Local event listings
  • Expert and member blogs
  • User-submitted tips, tricks, how-tos, and many other community resources

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