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Autodesk launches subscription program

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AUTODESK has announced the availability of the Autodesk Subscription Program in Asia Pacific.

First launched in North America and Europe, the Autodesk Subscription Program is the most efficient way for Autodesk customers to stay current with the latest design technology and to benefit from simplified software management and easy budgeting.

"In this day and age, when business speed is often critical to a company's survival, the need to stay ahead is vital to gaining a competitive edge. The Autodesk Subscription Program enables our customers to access the latest design technology as soon as it is available," said Bruce Polderman, subscription services director, Autodesk's Design Solutions Group.

"We are delighted to extend this program to our customers in Asia Pacific and are confident that they will benefit from it as much as our North American and European customers who have given it a resounding vote of acceptance."

A single annual fee allows program members to manage their software budget and avoid unpredictable upgrade costs. With an annual operating expense, subscribers can plan for technology expenditures more accurately.

The Autodesk Subscription Program also simplifies license management by providing a single contract number per company. A members-only website provides access to subscription information such as coverage reports that allow members to manage software licenses across the enterprise.

With automatic access to software releases and updates as they become available, customers can eliminate the disruption associated with purchasing, budgeting for, or tracking new releases.

For products like Autodesk Inventor software and Autodesk Revit building information modeler with a history of rapid development, the program provides a timely cycle of new releases with rich new content as soon as it becomes available.

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