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Autodesk extends fight against software thieves

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AUTODESK has announced plans to increase its anti-piracy operations to combat the growing software piracy problem, which is currently running at 33 per cent in Australia.

Autodesk's Australian anti-piracy operations will draw on resources from Autodesk's Asia Pacific anti-piracy offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taiwan and China.

Autodesk has found two of its most popular products, AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max, are the most frequently copied - at a cost to the company of around $15 million a year.

According Andre Pravaz, managing director of Autodesk Australia, Autodesk intends to implement an anti-piracy campaign aimed specifically at industries that use these products.

"Using deterrent campaigns with a proven success rate around the globe, Autodesk will be focusing educational programs on traditional AutoCAD users such as, the architectural, construction and engineering industries, as well as the graphic design, broadcast and film industry sectors - Autodesk's discreet product users," Mr Pravaz said.

In conjunction with its anti-piracy program, Autodesk recently announced the launch of its new Software Rental Programme, designed for customers who need to use Autodesk software for short-term projects or temporary increases in workload.

As an active member of the Business Software Association of Australia (BSAA), Autodesk joined the BSAA's "60-day Software" truce program. Operating from the 1 May to the 31 July 2001 the truce allows organisations or individuals to come forward and hand over their pirated copies of Autodesk software without the consequences of facing legal action.

This is a unique opportunity for companies who are using illegal software, whether intentionally or inadvertently, to seize the chance to overhaul their software practices without running the risk of having a legal action brought against their infringement of copyright.

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