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Autodesk expands manufacturing solutions

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AUTODESK has introduced Autodesk Inventor Professional 7 software to extend the functionality of Autodesk Inventor Series software for mechanical and electrical engineers while continuing to deliver on the creation portion of its mainstream product lifecycle management (PLM) strategy.

The new product underscores Autodesk's strategy to help customers solve critical business challenges by giving them the tools to innovate, increase productivity, optimise processes, and bring higher quality products to market faster for less cost.

Autodesk Inventor Professional software is suitable for organisations that need a simple-to-implement and affordable solution for advanced design of machinery.

Today, these organisations must either buy and integrate several niche applications or purchase expensive solutions from suppliers.

Autodesk Inventor Professional software delivers a single, integrated, simple-to-deploy solution that offers a breadth of functionality with tremendous value.

Autodesk Inventor Professional software is for mechanical and electrical engineers who need to increase their productivity even further in designing, validating, and documenting complex machinery.

Built on Autodesk Inventor Series, which includes Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Mechanical Desktop software products, Autodesk Inventor Professional extends the functionality already offered with a collection of task-specific tools for the mechanical and electrical design of industrial machinery.

These tools give users the power to address all aspects of the industrial machine design process with a single, integrated software product.

The first release brings users 3D tube and pipe design and printed circuit board import capabilities.

The software supports publishing DWF files for use with the Volo View Express application.

Capabilities for DWF files include multiple 2D sheets, password support, print ready format, and a single publish format for all Autodesk design tools.

As part of its long-term vision to enhance desktop PLM for customers, Autodesk plans to incorporate some of its recently acquired technology, for example cable and wire harness design, into future releases of Autodesk Inventor Professional.

Autodesk Subscription Program customers will be able reap the benefits of the product's evolving functionality as soon as it becomes available. Subscription customers also benefit from simplified software management and easy budgeting.

Unlike PLM solutions on the market today, Autodesk's creation and collaboration offerings solve problems for small and medium-sized manufacturers because they are easier to implement and deploy, and provide a faster return on investment (ROI).

As part of its PLM solution, customers can also take advantage of Autodesk's third-party applications and Autodesk Professional Services.

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