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Autodesk Inventor 6 released

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AUTODESK has released the latest version of its award-winning Autodesk Inventor 3D software into the Australian and New Zealand market.

Autodesk Inventor 6 delivers significant new features and improvements based on customer feedback, giving manufacturing customers worldwide the most advanced mechanical CAD system in the mid-priced market.

The programme includes more than 200 major productivity and drawing enhancements, the addition of industry-specific solutions such as routing tools and weldments to meet customers' specific industrial machinery and electro-mechanical design needs, and new innovative shape description tools driven by the new Autodesk ShapeManager kernel that lets the user seamlessly mix solids and surfaces to create stylised, complex, and sculpted parts.

The ease of use and flexibility of formatting is the key to ensuring that companies that use Autodesk Inventor can produce drawings to their company's drafting standards faster than with other 2D or 3D systems.

New features and improvements include the following:

* To make laying out drawings easier, Autodesk Inventor 6 includes a complete set of layout drawing tools such as breakout views, perspective views, weldment views, visibility of model sketches in drawing views, visibility of work geometry in views, and improved update control for drawings and bill of materials (BOM).

* Powerful and flexible annotation tools-such as custom hole notes, automatic centerlines, nested BOM, revision block, cosmetic weld annotations, improved balloons, improved hole tables, improved dimension styles, improved dual dimensioning, and improved user symbols for scale and rotate-help customers complete the entire drawing and annotation process.

Productivity Enhancements

* New model tolerances let the user capture tolerances at the time of design. This capability means less information is lost between design and drawing documentation, and time is saved by avoiding the time-consuming task of capturing tolerances at different levels in the drawing process.

* Several enhancements in the Autodesk Mechanical Desktop translator expand the quantity and capability of features that are imported into Autodesk Inventor.

* An improved 3D content library supports more than 18 international standards. The library features standard parts that customers use most - screws and bolts, nuts, washers, adjusting rings, bearings, pins, rivets, shaft seals.

Up to 80 percent of an industrial machine might be designed with standard and purchased parts, and with this comprehensive library, Autodesk Inventor users can quickly and easily find the standard parts they need most.

Users will find that "favourites" designation, searching, and history views make working with the library even faster and easier.

Innovative Shape Description Tools Unified shape technology is an exciting new capability, driven by enhancements in Autodesk's new ShapeManager kernel, that allows both traditional surface modelling tools and advanced parametric modelling tools to be used seamlessly together.

With this enhanced technology, designs can now be converted from solid to surface at any time and maintain their parametric history for fast and easy design changes.

With Autodesk Inventor 6, customers now have the ability to mix solids and surfaces to create stylised, complex, and sculpted parts.

To meet the demands of the industrial machinery and electro-mechanical markets, Autodesk Inventor 6 delivers significant improvements in the areas of weldments and routing.

A new task-based environment accelerates design of weldment assemblies. The weldment environment encompasses the whole design process for the weldment assembly, and captures the weld bead specification, weld edge preparation, and post-weld machining.

The Autodesk Inventor 6 drawing manager enables drawings to be created that document the entire weldment manufacturing process, from component drawings to pre-weld drawing views and post-machining views.

Special 2D symbols allow for both automatic and manual creation of standards-based welding drawings. This complete workflow of 3D design to 2D documentation ensures that the design information captured in 3D makes it to the 2D drawing automatically.

For routing, Autodesk Inventor 6 adds enhanced capabilities to help solve the complicated problem of creating 3D paths. Using a new dynamic 3D routing tool, designers can position critical points through which the 3D path must pass.

The ability to graphically drag these routing points using both dynamic dragging and precision X, Y and Z placement greatly enhances the designer's ability to quickly define a 3D path through which a pipe, tube, or wire may be swept.

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