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Autodesk Australia offers updated design software

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Autodesk Showcase 2009, the updated version of design software from Autodesk Australia , enables designers to create accurate, realistic imagery from 3D CAD data to not only convey form and function, but also create environmental context to communicate brand character.

Because Autodesk Showcase allows design model changes, while preparing imagery for design reviews, it significantly reduces preparation time, so design and visualisation work can be done in parallel.

Autodesk Showcase helps users present and review models in an environment in which team members can make timely, reliable decisions both locally and through remote sessions.

High-quality digital 3D visualisation can be used to evaluate multiple design variations and communicate ideas.

Autodesk Showcase helps users reduce the time and cost of building physical prototypes in early design phases. Interact with digital models in real time. Use a variety of materials and geometry during presentations and switch between variations with a single mouse click.

Facilitate the design approval process by using Autodesk Showcase to bypass client or management reluctance to approve designs based on low-quality imagery.

Autodesk Showcase generates photorealistic imagery with enhanced visual fidelity that accurately represents real-world materials, lighting and environments.

Autodesk Showcase makes realistic, interactive visualisation accessible to designers and provides advanced functionality by combining the recent technology with an easy-to-access architecture.

With its well-documented API (application programming interface) and scripting language, Autodesk Showcase can be accessed on a programming level to meet specific customer needs.

Autodesk Showcase provides tools to prepare, process, and present 3D design data in a single application, simplifying the preparation of data for high-quality visualisation and further use.

Autodesk Showcase
Autodesk Showcase software addresses the visualisation requirements of designers to help them interactively evaluate work and present it for review.

Autodesk Showcase Professional
Autodesk Showcase Professional software addresses the content creation needs of visualisation specialists and provides the ability to take advantage of high-end environments.

It includes all of the functionality in Autodesk Showcase software, plus additional tools to automate the workflow, for enhanced asset and presentation authoring, and to build complex visualisation setups.

Import 3D data through Autodesk DirectConnect software. Supported formats include Autodesk Inventor, APF, STEP, IGES, SGI Open Inventor, CSB, and STL.

Autodesk DirectConnect data translators can be purchased separately and are available for other CAD formats including JT, UGS NX, CATIA V5, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER and Granite formats.

Autodesk Showcase retains information about which parts were removed, where they were positioned and which materials were applied. As a result, design work can continue in parallel, while the visualisation team prepares for important design reviews without spending time redoing visualisation work on updated models.

Produce high-quality results in less time by automating the repetitive task of assigning Showcase materials to incoming geometry. The Showcase material substitution feature can automatically search and assign the ideal available material to imported models based on names, layers, or colours defined in the CAD package.

Autodesk Showcase displays 3D design data with the realism and accuracy required to confidently make crucial design decisions.

High-performance display technology allows smooth movement and interactive display of large models. Presentation features help designers showcase design intent in a single location or around the globe.

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