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Autodesk Alias software helps Volvo Car Corporation’s vision of luxury and good design

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According to Volvo Car Corporation (Volvo), Autodesk design and visualisation software played a key role in the successful design of its Concept You car. The fully-functional concept model was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last autumn.  

Following the success of Volvo’s Concept Universe at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier in April 2011, the Volvo design team was under extreme pressure to further refine its ideas and produce a working model with full interior in a matter of months, in time for Frankfurt. Both concepts were created to demonstrate Volvo’s vision for the future of luxury cars under its new ownership.  

Volvo’s concept modelling team used Autodesk Alias software to quickly create digital prototypes from the designer’s initial sketches. The team was also able to quickly test the design on screen, helping to save time and maintain the original design integrity behind the concept.  

Volvo also used Autodesk Showcase software as part of the design workflow for advanced visualisation of its ideas, enabling the concept to be quickly communicated to the design management team and board.  

Volvo was able to beat the deadline and get its new concept ready in time for the Frankfurt show.  

Tight deadlines are common in the highly competitive automotive industry as cars become increasingly complex and sophisticated with a high technical content, and manufacturers under constant pressure to design them faster at lower costs.  

Like Volvo, a growing number of car manufacturers are using Autodesk Alias to accelerate the entire design process from concept to class A modelling.  

A long-term user of Autodesk design software, Volvo has recently become a Platinum Support customer, which gives it direct access to Autodesk experts, promoting a two-way dialogue to help influence future development of Alias and other products.  

Autodesk is represented in Australia by Autodesk Australia .

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