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AutoCAD 2000i product family retired

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AUTODESK has announced it will retire all AutoCAD 2000i based products on January 15, 2005. The upgrade path from these products will be discontinued together with technical support.

Customers can take advantage of Autodesk's upgrade and crossgrade program to transition to the AutoCAD 2005 family of products at reduced prices.

Like many other technology companies, Autodesk has adopted policies which strike a balance between the support and availability of older technology, and focusing resources on supporting the most recent product releases while continuing to develop and advance our software.

This retirement policy enables Autodesk to keep development, training and support costs down, and subsequently reduces the cost of our software products to customers.

It allows Autodesk to remain competitive in the industry and ultimately helps our customers to achieve greater productivity gains.

Customers moving to the AutoCAD 2005 family of products can take advantage of all the familiar tools which have been enhanced so they are now better and faster than ever.

These improvements result in productivity gains for the customer as tasks can be performed in less time and in fewer steps. In addition, a new, optimised DWG file format (introduced with AutoCAD 2004) improves speed, and considerably reduces file size.

Features such as the Sheet Set Manager help customers organise, display, and plot multiple drawings within a project, and AutoCAD 2005 based software is also optimised to take advantage of today's hardware and operating systems.

Customers wishing to upgrade to the AutoCAD 2005 family of products should contact their authorised Autodesk reseller to obtain upgrade and crossgrade pricing, or visit www.autodesk.com.au/resellers.

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