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Equip solves "big-boy" dealer needs

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THE specialist operating needs of businesses dealing in trucking, agricultural machinery, construction and materials handling are being met for the first time with the launch of the Equip software by Australian developer, Auto-IT .

Two years in the making, Equip can be tailored to companies dealing in these vehicular sectors with 80-90% commonality. The real benefit for them is, however, that the last 20-10% of their most specific requirements can be addressed by Equip, too.

"These businesses no longer have to buy an ill-fitting software program, or pay through the nose for one written especially for them and take the chance that it will even work as predicted," says Auto-IT managing director Ken Fife.

"The specialist requirements to program for separate warranties on attachments, or service conditions on attachments, as well as the base machinery, for instance, are only covered by Equip.

"The market is now appreciating these benefits and the reliability of Equip which is making it into the biggest and fastest-selling software in this niche," he says.

"With thousands of user-dealers in the leading US agricultural machinery sector switching to Equip and with many Australian dealers already using it to more effectively run their business, the software has been thoroughly field-tested to the most rigorous user-specialist, day-to-day requirements," says Mr Fife.

This background has enabled Auto-IT to now make available the software for this broader, hitherto unaddressed market.

"The specialist needs of the agricultural dealer have strong similarities to construction machinery and vehicles, materials handling," says Mr Fife.

"Through our international relationship with the leading agricultural machinery manufacturer and its network of dealers, the strategic development of Auto-IT has expanded from the confines of the car dealership software program. And it has made Auto-I.T. an exporter of technology, too.

"However, it should be stressed that we are not moving away or being distracted from our core business servicing the software needs of automotive dealers," Mr Fife says.

National sales and marketing manager for Auto-IT, Peter Thatcher, also announced breaking news in the support of the successful Equip software.

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