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The ChocoMa E220 enrober from Australis Engineering

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Australis Engineering announces that it has recently sold the first Australian delivered E220 Chocolate Enrober by ChocoMa. The ChocoMa E220 is a brand new, multifunctional enrober and moulding machine that is capable of top and bottom coating or complete enrobing of products such as pralines, biscuits, bars, cakes and pastries.

Features of the E220 Chocolate enrober include:

  • Double chocolate curtains
  • The E220 enrobers offer variable speed control
  • The enrobers are supplied with a 1 metre paper take-off table as standard
  • The E220 enrobers are designed to increase production efficiency and creativity
  • Made of stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • All functions can be controlled with ease by the operator, including temperature, belt speed and air pressure

The E220 chocolate enrobers are the 3-in-1 chocolate solution centre for the creative, quality focused chocolatier requiring a versatile small to moderate production output but with a professional standard.

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